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Check out our free training & information videos.

Ignitia Basic Teacher Training

Basic Training for our teaching Staff locally & abroad.

Ignitia Student Log-In Tutorial

Basic Instructions on how students should log-in to the Ignitia System.

Completing An Ignitita Assignment

Basic sample lesson completed in Ignitia.

Ignitia Online Curriculum

A short demo of the Ignitia Online Curriculum.

The New Ignitia Student Experience

Check out what's NEW with Ignitia.

Ignitia Basic Admin Training:

Basic Training for our Program Administrators.

Learning How to Navigate Ignitia:

In this Ignitia tutorial, we'll take a quick tour of your Ignitia site, so you'll know how to get around and accomplish the things you need to do in the most efficient way.

Student Getting Around Ignitia:

This tutorial shows how a student can effectively maneuver around the curriculum.

In Depth Look at the Benefits of Ignitia:

This video shares life-changing testimonials of students that are using the Ignitia Curriculum .

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